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Charge Accounts
Scheduling & Invoicing


Call (843) 577-6565 for cab services.

* Only an authorized person or person with passcode can schedule a ride.

1. When you place your call, you will hear an automated system. Press #2 or #0 to be taken directly to a dispatcher.

2. Give the dispatcher the name of the account.

3. Give the dispatcher your name as the authorized person arranging the fare. If your account is instead using a passcode, offer the dispatcher the code.
* Note: The dispatcher is not allowed to ask for a passcode. This is for additional protection to your account.

4. Provide the dispatcher with the name, phone number, time and exact pick-up & drop-off destination of the passenger(s).
* Note: Only an authorized user on the charge account can alter trip information. 
               The passenger can not. 



  • Invoices are billed by the 10th of each month for previous month business.

  • We do require that our invoices be paid within 30 days of the statement date.

  • Delinquent accounts which are 15 days past due will be subject to an interruption of services.


If you have questions regarding your account or would like to pay an invoice by credit card, please contact:

YCC Business Office: 843.722.2222
M-TH, 7am-3pm

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