YCC Driver

The following videos explain how to run Yellow Cab taxis and business.
Each video will automatically play when the previous has finished. 

Please note that some of the information in these videos may have been updated. Refer to your Driver Packet for all current updates. Your
"ride along" driver will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Thank You.

Download the full Driver Tutorial Packet Here


  1. Logging In

  2. Booking In

  3. Receiving A Call

  4. Callout

  5. No Show

  6. Out of Cab

  7. Meter: Understanding the Buttons

  8. Meter: Using with a Customer

  9. Flat Rates

  10. How to Program Your Meter for the Correct Rate (as of May 2015)

  11. Payment – Cash

  12. Payment – Credit Card

  13. Charge Accounts

  14. Payment – Charge Accounts

  15. Bidding for a Call

  16. Bidding Tips

  17. Area Minimum Pricing

  18. Area Minimum Example

  19. Zone and Pull Miles

  20. Dispatch Codes

  21. Emergency Button

  22. Starting & Ending Shift Part I

  23. Starting & Ending Shift Part II

  24. Conclusion

   Black Is The New Yellow